Quick Property Sale in Newcastle

With its rich culture, diverse city layout, and so many things to do, it should seem like a breeze to sell your Newcastle home.

However, it can in fact be an arduous process selling your property on the open market using local estate agents, sometimes taking months or even years. Many areas of the country are still suffering from the depression of the housing market, so UK Homebuyers are here to offer you an alternative to the traditional method of selling your property.

Potential buyers through estate agents might be unable to finalise the purchase, having recently lost their jobs, being unable to raise the necessary deposit, or having simply changed their minds, leaving you high and dry.

If you want to avoid having your property overvalued by estate agents and viewed by unreliable buyers, then our service is for you. At UK Homebuyers we aim to make offer within 24 hours, completing transactions within a timescale that decided by you, so as to ease what is usually a very stressful process.

No matter what the condition of the property or the area that it is in, we will offer you a service that avoids estate agents and which even covers your legal feels, delivering all your legal documentation directly to you or your solicitor’s office at your request. We also aim make visits to your property on the same day of your enquiry, allowing your sale through UK Homebuyers to go through as quickly as possible.

To help ease the process, we at UK Homebuyers will also gladly assist you should you be struggling to meet the financial demands of hiring a removal company or putting down a rental property deposit. Get in touch with us at UK Homebuyers today – there’s no need to delay, we certainly won’t.

How UK Homebuyers Can Help

Unlike estate agents or other partners in selling, UK Homebuyers is an all in one package that will be with you every step of the way. The moment you even have a feeling that selling your Newcastle house is a wise choice, contact UK Homebuyers and gather all the information you need.

  • Upon first contact, we will tell you all that they can do and will let you know that in as little as 7 days, they can buy your house with 100% funds upfront.
  • If you decide to do so, we will provide you with a quote for your home within 24 hours. This completely free quote will last for 28 days from its estimate and is based on location, property value, and current market values.
  • UK Homebuyers will supply you with a solicitor, all on own own dime, who will fight on your behalf with any lenders you might be in issue with making sure you get what is owed to you. The solicitors will also stick with you through the transaction of your property making sure you are properly represented.


Who we Help

There is no limit to what kind of situations we undertake. Our services are not only for people who need to sell their property right away, either.

We work as a great backup plan, and are also ideal for getting rid of properties that are inherited or sitting idle. Even if you don’t fall into the below categories, seek us out anyway and find out for free whether or not we can help you.

  • Inherited properties that need to be sold.
  • Job loss as a reason to downsize your home and find something more fitting.
  • If facing repossession or bankruptcy.
  • Divorce as a catalyst for quickly selling a joint house.
  • Landlords that need to get rid of their property without disrupting or dealing with tenants.


The Newcastle Area

Few cities in the UK are as eclectic as Newcastle with its significant balance between arts, culture, sports, and history. Nestled upon the Tyne, Newcastle exhibits a mix of postindustrial renovation, Victorian design, and contemporary installations like St. James Park, Tyne Bridge, and the Sage Concert Hall. With all the bases covered, culture within Newcastle is really able to spread out and incorporate all walks of life.

The city is famous for its abundant and variable nightlife ranging from the classiest of restaurants to local pubs.

Surrounding areas are just as enticing like the seascapes of Tynemouth, South Shields, and Whitley Bay. From metropolitan to countryside, the area within and around Newcastle is remarkably beautiful and alive with action.

Surrounding Areas We Cover in Newcastle

There’s nowhere in Newcastle we aren’t familiar with, as UK Home Buyers helps anyone that comes to us to sell their house. While these are some of the specific neghbourhoods, if you don’t see your area here then you can be sure we are excited to get in touch with you and expand our knowledge:

Benton, Benwell, Scotswood, Benwell Nature Park, Blakelaw, Byker, Castle, Chapel House Estate, Chinatown, Cochrane Park, Cowgate, Coxlodge, Cradlewell, Dene, Denton Burn, Denton, East Denton, East Gosforth, Elswick, Fawdon, Fenham, Gosforth, Grainger Town, Newcastle Great Park, Heaton, Newcastle, High Heaton, Jesmond, Jesmond Vale, Kenton Bar, Kenton, Kingston Park, Lemington, Newburn, Newcastle Haymarket, Newcastle City Centre, North Heaton, North Kenton, Ouseburn, Ouseburn Valley, Paradise, Tyne and Wear, Parklands, Quayside, Red House Farm, Sandyford, Shieldfield, Slatyford, South Heaton, Spital Tongues, Walker, Walkergate, West Denton, West Gosforth, Westerhope, Westgate, Wingrove, Woolsington.

Don’t think we forgot about Gateshead! As the town across the river, we know all about the area and it’s close relation to Newcastle:

Gateshead town centre, Black Hill, Mount Pleasant, Deckham, Carr Hill, Central, Bensham, Teams, Low Teams, Chowdene, Low Fell, Dunston, Swalwell, Dunston Hill, Lobley Hill, Team Valley Trading Estate, Team Valley, Sheriff Hill, Ravensworth, Saltwell, Harlow Green, Wardley, Leam Lane Estate, Pelaw, Heworth, Felling, Staneway, Wrekenton, Windy Nook, Whitehills, Beacon Lough, Eighton Banks, Old Fold, Redheugh, Shipcote, Bill Quay, North Felling/Felling Shore, Lyndhurst, Egremont Estate, Allerdene, Falla Park, Sunderland Road, Follingsby

Why We Are Unique

UK Homebuyers understand all situations are unique, and therefore treat each as so. On the contrary, estate agents group properties together without too much consideration as to your pressing circumstances. Their main concern is getting as large of a commission as possible, so therefore they list an exuberant asking price and hope for the best, all the while you wait with baited breath.

The difference with UK Homebuyers is that with such an expansive operation, we do not worry about squeezing the most out of every seller but instead we focus on having the happiest customers. With your best interests in mind, the option to work with a home buying company is that much more appealing.